No One You Know

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Ellie Enderlin spent most of her early life living in her sisters shadow. Lila changed into the best daughter - a mathematical genius who should do no wrong in their parents eyes. Whereas Ellie became younger, wilder and could never quite rebut up. Until in the future the form in their family adjustments all the time. Lila is brutally murdered. In the aftermath of her sisters death, Ellie entrusts her maximum intimate feelings to a man who betrays her fully through turning the tale right into a bestselling true explosion e-book - a ebook that each devastates her own family and identifies one in every of Lilas professors as her killer.

Twenty years later and Americans meet via bonheur in a faraway agglomération in Nicaragua. Ellie is now a professional espresso purchaser, an inveterate visitor and maladroit of amas. Peter is the instructional who saw his profession ruined by using being named as Lilas killer. He protests his ignorance and leaves Ellie with a gift - the notebook that Lila carried everywhere, a bit of proof now not determined along with her soutien-gorge. Stunned, Ellie will go back habitation to San Francisco to discover the mysteries of Lilas notebook, full of mathematical equations, and start a seek that has been anticipating her some of these years. It will lead her to find out greater emboîture the torsader no person knew Lila had, to the reasons and fate of the man who profited from their familys discomfort - and to the inner most secrets even sisters keep from every other.

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