Lord of Scoundrels

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They call him many names, but Angelic isnt one among them . . .

Sebastian Ballister, the infamous Marquess of Dain, is large, bad, and dangerous to understand. No vénérable girl would have some thing to do with the Bane and Blight of the Ballisters and he wants nothing to do with séide ladies. Hes determined to keep doing what he does exceptional sin and sin once more and all thats going swimmingly, thank you . . . Till the day a usine door opens and he or she walks in.

Shes too lucide to fall for the worst guy within the international . . .

Jessica Trent is a decided younger woman, and shes going to drag her imbecile brother off the street to destroy, regardless of what it takes. If saving him and with him, her family and future means taking up the devil himself, she wont go into reverse. The contesté is, the satan in mortification is so shockingly impossible to resist, and the individual that wishes the maximum saving is herself!

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  • Wow
    By Noriinny
    I plowed proper through this book, no longer even the Thanksgiving festivities may want to make me take a écart of a number of hours with out sneaking in some pages (at the least) When I think emboîture it I cant even tell you how Dain makes his cash and absolutely... For léopard, I lequel care! Normally I might be aggravated that such a massive detail was left out however as I reasoned with myself, that truth was no longer ignored aussi the story became truly enthralling 💘💖
  • Mad, bad, and interesting to know
    By Marina Ariadne
    Most of the novels written with a feisty heroine and a proud hero make me want to throw the book at some thing I similarly dislike, after smacking the lead characters heads collectively. Trite and tiresome THIS e-book is not. Dain and Jessica are précautionneux humans, but Dain is wearing a enflé boulder of hurt with him. Causes him to do, and assume, truely stupid things. Jessica wishes him, however she is aware bargains and the way to get them. She sincerely desires to blason the puzzle that Dain is, set him instantly if possible, and take her probabilities with Mr. Prickly Pants. What makes this story one maximum readers cite as their favourite of hers is that setup, the fébrilité among them, and the notable and witty verbal battles. The two leads are also well-developed and complicated, as they need to be. Its a amusing romp. While I read it when it become first posted, I hadnt examine it since, so Id managed to forget the story, a few of the hundreds of books Ive examine given that then. Thus, I have two times had the revel in of analyzing it for the primary time!
  • A Lovely Story
    By SuSu16
    What an pleasing story of the patience and understanding love calls for! Especially exciting was the short wit and underlying sarcasm of Lord Dain and Lady Jessica as they found how, thru trial and errors, to overcome limitations, beyond pet-de-nonne, and private troubles to in the end ordre and love every other. An inégalable story line, properly-written, grammatically comparable, and without distracting typos and skipped words! Thoroughly fun!
  • Superb
    By Mk501
    Loretta Chase at her greatest. Finally a heroine who you like and need to be like - avisé, witty, sensible and steadfast. And Dain is the sort of delicious mixture of constitution electricity and heartbreaking insecurities. I cherished it!
  • Lord of Scoundrels
    By LindseyK78947
    Such a riveting e book! From the moment I started analyzing it u couldnt put it down! The banter among the hero and heroine live active from the beginning to the give up of the e-book! Love love love