Into the Storm

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“An serré, immersive deep dive right into a wild, dangerous, and unknown international, written with the pace and attraction of a splendid mystery. This is nonfiction at its very pleasant.” Lee Child

The proper tale of two doomed ships and a daring seek-and-rescue operation that shines a light on the elite Coast Guard swimmers educated for the maximum risky ocean missions

In overdue September 2015, Hurricane Joaquin swept beyond the Bahamas and swallowed a confrère of chaloupe vessels in its nuisible path: El Faro, a 790-foot American behemoth with a crew of thirty-three, and the Minouche, a 230-foot freighter with a dozen sailors aboard. From the parallel memories of these ships and their ultime trips, Tristram Korten weaves a awesome story of two veteran sea captains from very distinct worlds, the harrowing ordeals in their determined crews, and the Coast Guard’s fantastic struggle against a typhoon that defied prediction.

When the Coast Guard obtained phrase from Captain Renelo Gelera that the Minouche become taking on water on the night of October 1, the servicemen on responsibility helicoptered through Joaquin to the sinking ship. Rescue swimmer Ben Cournia dropped into the sea inside the center of a raging chaud tornade, inside the darkish and churned thru the monstrous swells, loading survivors right into a rescue basket dangling from the helicopter as its pieu struggled against the tempest. With pulsating narrative ability in the rémanence of Sebastian Junger and Jon Krakauer, Korten recounts the heroic efforts by using Cournia and his fellow guardsmen to haul the Minouche’s group to protection.

Tragically, matters would not go as nicely for Captain Michael Davidson and El Faro. Despite complète searching by way of her might-be rescuers, the lack of the vessel have become the biggest U.S. Océanique catastrophe in many years. As Korten narrates the ships’ fates, with insights drawn from insider access to group contributors, Coast Guard teams, and their families, he promises a moving and propulsive tale of guys in peril, the cosmique brotherhood of mariners, and the breathtaking energy of nature.

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“The story [Tristram] Korten tells is

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