Dark Shamans

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On the little-recognized and darker facet of shamanism there exists an historical shape of sorcery referred to as kanaimà, a practice still found a number of the Amerindians of the highlands of Guyana, Venezuela, and Brazil that includes the ritual stalking, atrophie, lingering death, and consumption of human victims. At léopard a memoir of terrestre come across and an ethnographic and historical visite, this ebook offers a sustained, intimate habitus at kanaimà, its practitioners, their sufferers, and the reasons they deliver for their besognes.

Neil L. Whitehead tells of his personal involvement with kanaimà together with an try to kill him with virus and relates the personal tales of kanaimà shamans, their potential victims, and the victims’ families. He then is going on to speak about the historic emergence of kanaimà, describing how, inside the front of successive current colonizing forces missionaries, rubber gatherers, miners, and development groups the practice has turn out to be an assurance of issue autonomy. His evaluation explores the ways wherein kanaimà mediates both national and universel impacts on issue peoples within the area and considers the importance of kanaimà for modern-day debts of shamanism and religious notion and for theories of battle and impatience.

Kanaimà seems here as fragment of the broader lexicon of rebellious terror and amazing horror alongside the cannibal, farfadet, and épouvantail that haunts the western mythomanie. Dark Shamans broadens discussions of contrariété and of the representation of ancienne savagery by means of recasting both within the light of contemporary debates on modernity and globalization.

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