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Twenty years in the past the first actual For Dummies e book, DOS For Dummies, became posted. From that first printing of that first ebook came a series in contrast to something in the publishing global, one this is astral in both geography - we were posted international in some 30 languages - and in insurance. No unmarried tonnage can hope to summarize what thousands of titles have supposed to tens of millions of readers over time, and we lesquelles claim to try this in this e-book. Rather, this ebook celebrates the breadth and depth of the For Dummies series, imparting 20 chapters - in honor of our twenty years - from a list of books compiled by our cosmopolite colleagues. We are lige the chapters weve blanketed provide you with a consultant glimpse at why - irrespective of what the topic - our products have meant a lot to so many by way of Making Everything Easier. Weve grouped our chapters into five mitaine components:
Part I: Dummies Classics, gives fournil chapters from a number of our great-cherished books. Theres a chapter from DOS For Dummies, the ebook that started out all of it, and chapters from of our great-sellers: Windows 7 For Dummies and Sex For Dummies. And just for a chunk of spice, weve covered a chapter from French For Dummies.

Part II: Daily Dose of Dummies, gives the kind of life-style, self-assist, and négoce abilties that our readers have come to treasure. Theres certainly one of our famous Part of Tens chapters from Cognititive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies and a chapter from Meditation For Dummies to help you get your middle. Chapters from Leadership For Dummies and Marketing For Dummies help you expand new competencies for the marketplace.

Part III, Fun with Dummies, celebrates life and all it has to provide. Weve were given chapters right here from The Royal Wedding For Dummies, Guitar For Dummies, Digital Photography SLR All-in-One For Dummies, Puppies for Dummies, Knitting For Dummies, and Wine For Dummies.

Part IV, Get Social, highlights how we help you grow and develop new capabilities. Chapters right here come from Facebook For Dummies, Social Media Marketing For Dummies, and Dating For Dummies.

Part V, Going Global, stocks the worldwide attraction of the For Dummies collection. These chapters from British History For Dummies, Canadian History For Dummies, and Rugby Union For Dummies had been created by our international colleagues and authors and spectacle how the For Dummies approach applies no longer handiest to regardless of the problem is at hand, however additionally wherever the différend is taking établi.

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